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The Last Kingdom

Discussion in 'Television Shows' started by Stealth, Mar 14, 2022.

  1. Stealth

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    Feb 25, 2013
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    Yes, and with the focus now on films they could always pick the story up further down the line and he can still do other projects.

    I could see Dreymon being a fit for a role in some future House of the Dragon spinoff.

    Be glad you didn't watch The Last of Us. It was largely a disappointment. It wasn't bad, just mediocre. They toned down the violence, the infected and conflict. I remember when George Romero called The Walking Dead a soap opera with zombies. Well, this was a soap opera without them.

    I've been very critical of The Walking Dead, but this show was no match for those early seasons. Yes, it has a bigger budget so it looks better. But after the Meh finale I thought back to that Season 2 scene with Shane and Rick in the field and thought about how much The Last of Us lacked that intensity, emotion and grittiness.
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