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The Orbital VSAT is the only known cure for camping.

Discussion in 'Call of Duty & FPS News and Discussion' started by Futurelly, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. Futurelly

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    Jun 27, 2012
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    As much anxiety the Orbital VSAT (Or Blackbird in Black Ops 1) brings while playing, I believe it's the only cure for camping. It may not have a counter 'perk', which is for the better. Perks last for the whole match, and score streaks that can counter it only last for less than a minute. The Counter UAV can be shot down and Hardwired can counter an EMP.

    In Black Ops 2, the UAV has a counter perk, and you can still camp with it if you're careful enough. However, the Orbital gives you the ability to find players and which way they are preparing to attack and then some. Of course, it takes some work to get, so it's not so easy to spam alone. (Course, I play nothing but Hardpoint, so it's easier to get.)

    In Ghosts, 4 stacked Satcoms gives off an Orbital effect, but how often are Satcoms being called in (In pubs)? Let alone, 4 with precise timing. + The effect isn't always present. It works only when you get that sweep. Off The Grid works even if you're not moving, so camping is pretty much welcomed, though Off The Grid comes off at 3 slot spaces.

    My point is, with the Orbital VSAT's see the direction the enemy's facing effect at all time, no sweep like the Satcoms VSAT effect or even MW3's Advanced UAV, and no counter perk, it's the only cure for camping. It's the only reason why Black Ops 2 isn't so campy. I hope it returns in Treyarch's 2014 Call Of Duty.

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