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Ghosts Multiplayer United Christian Gamers Now Recruiting (PS3/PS4) 3 CLANS

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Ghosts' started by XEKUTER_50, Sep 19, 2014.

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    Dec 7, 2012
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    We are a group of Christians and Non-Christians who play Call of Duty and other video games competitively. We respect everyone's personal beliefs and don't judge anyone at anytime whatsoever. We currently have 3 clans for Call of Duty. 1 Clan for BF, 1 Clan for GTA5. Regardless of the 3 separate clans for COD this is one big group of friendly yet competitive people. The Call of Duty Clans are as follows:

    UnitedChristians - Clan Level 21 - 96 members - This is our general clan for everyone on every platform. (PS3/PS4/XBOX360/XBOXONE/PC)

    UnitdChristians2 - Clan Level 15 - 16 members - The intention of this clan is to keep the Most Active PS3 (since this is our base platform) and aslo PS4 Players together so they can compete successfully in clan wars and have a tight Bond.

    UnitdChristians3 - Clan Level 16 - 4 Members - This is the Elite group of the clan for die hard Clan Wars enthusiasts. These people play clan wars religiously (no pun intended). lol. We just started with this group a couple weeks ago and were already level 16.

    Now that Advanced Warfare is around the corner we are looking to strengthen our roster with more active players. You dont have to be Christian to join any of our clans. All we ask is that you respect each others beliefs and No excessive crude/offensive behavior. You Must have a proper mic (preferably a headset) to join the clan. KDR is not important. This is all about having fun online. For the more elite players yes we want you on our Clan wars team. these players must be able to dedicate thier time to clan wars. Our aim is to build friendships online and not just gaming associates. Join us today for good clean Fun.

    Add me on PSN ID: XEKUTER_50 Im the founder and clan leader of this movement. Im currently on PS3 but 3 of our co-leaders are on PS4 and 1 on XBOX360 and 1 on XBOX ONE. We have our own clan website and Facebook page as well.

    Being granted co-leadership in this clan is fairly easy. All you have to do is be active on Call of Duty, Do clan wars, have a proper mic, communicate with other members and co-leaders of the clans in game and on social media etc, show loyalty and that you actually care about the group,

    ONE LOVE!!!

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