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Where to go after Alexandria. Safe haven fantacy.

Discussion in 'The Walking Dead Fan Fiction' started by Frosen_stiff, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. Frosen_stiff

    Frosen_stiff New Member

    Apr 9, 2016
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    First of all, I have never visited the area in question or the United States. This is simply based on my daydreaming and studying of google maps, aerial photos and street view.
    Considering the current situation of Rick’s crew and the Alexandrians I think they are trapping themselves in Alexandria, War with the saviours is certainly coming, and Alexandria is to fragile.

    In my mind the perfect plan for survival would be to head out to the Potomac River, and cross the bay over to the Delaware side and occupy one of the islands or peninsulas in the Chesapeake Bay. Preferably one connected with a bridge, I think the perfect place to start would be Tilghman Island at the tip if St.Michaels, it has a drawbridge.

    The plan would start with a forward scouting party, of 2-4 people. The primary objective of the scouts would be to find out if the area is already occupied by other people and if they are friendly or hostile. A land route to the location is, as we have seen on the show a risky undertaking, and should only be done with preparations and strength in numbers. Combining land and water transport might be safer, as it makes a more direct route.

    Upon arriving on the island they would first block or raise the bridge (if still working) and establish a safe zone to work out of so they can start clearing the island of walkers and locating other survivors possibly on the island.

    Once the island is cleared and the group is established in their new homes they should start fortifying every occupied house, working on “every home is a castle” principle, further precautions will be taken by making compounds within the island, And strategic guardpost along the perimeters. They should work out several evacuations plans and make sure everyone knows them. This way one breech in the defences cannot overrun the entire base.

    A group of guards would do early morning patrol of the base, looking for signs of walkers or hostiles, once given the ok, people can begin their day to day activity - working on safety, growing food and normalizing life in the base.

    The group will have to continue recruiting and grow, as I see it the long term goal must be to restart society, staring with populating the and making the entire St.Michaels peninsula safe, later spreading innland to Delaware and the peninsulas and islands in the Chesapeake Bay.

    This last bit is far fetched but:

    A long term goal would be to eventually clear and making the entire Delaware “peninsula” safe.
    A start in the grand Delaware plan would be destroying/blocking all the bridges crossing the Back Creek into Delaware, effectively making it an island; it would now be cut of form new walkers wandering in. Starting in the south, working north - eventually clearing all of Delaware. Establishing colony’s and safe zones along the way, Chincoteague Island on the Atlantic side would also be a nice place to make a large base.
    Continuous recruiting and helping friendly survivors establish safe bases and participating in the rebuilding and safeguarding of this new civilized society is critical if it is going to have any chance of success. However it’s important to do this step by step, like eating an elephant, one small piece at a time. This must be considered a 5-10 year plan.

    So what do you think, its probably not the perfect plan, but in my mind one of the best alternatives close to Alexandria..

  2. HonestAbe

    HonestAbe Active Member

    Apr 7, 2016
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    Did you ever write this?
  3. Arnold Hane

    Arnold Hane New Member

    Jan 1, 2022
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    I've lived in the DC area for almost a decade and have spent a lot of time in Alexandria after getting Assignmentholic services from an authentic source. I had a few places I'd go back to again and again but since moving away, I haven't found any place that compared.

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