From Gamescom: Special Halo 5 Controllers

by on 08/05/2015

During Gamescom yesterday, Microsoft revealed (among other things) these Halo 5 themed game controllers that will go on sale close to the release of the game.
As any Halo fan knows by now, Halo 5 will revolve around two opposing characters: the familiar Master Chief, and his new rival and enemy Agent Locke. There are two controllers you can pick from depending on which side you’re on.
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The Master Chief controller is colored just like Master Chief, in olive green and black, with patterns on the sides like his Mjolnir armor.
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The Locke controller has a similar color scheme based on his outfit, but also adds a few subtle details relating to the story in Halo 5. On the controller’s left side you can make out some initials and numbers: these are code for the four Spartans Locke will be pursuing in the game.
You can’t buy the controllers yet, but you can preorder them now. Unfortunately each will cost ten dollars more that XBox controllers traditionally do ($70 instead of $60). The price seems excessive for just a paint job.

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