Coalition Apologizes For Lack of Gears Of War 4 Codes

by on 04/20/2016

The beta for Gears of War 4 hit a delay of sorts when numerous codes, which would allow the gamers to play the beta, didn’t go out. Or, the codes had issues when used. On their forums, developer The Coalition mentioned the problem and promised to correct it:

“Microsoft Operations had an issue this morning with their code drop and unfortunately the codes will not be distributed in chronological order as originally messaged. We will be doing another code drop this evening to help address some of the issues. As noted before, codes will be going out in waves as we ramp up our servers through the beta.”

Then yesterday they updated with this message:

“Tuesday codes have been sent to all users. Please check your Xbox Messages and Xbox Messages on other accounts on the console as some users have reported codes appearing there.”

The process will continue today and tomorrow, and will hopefully change the outlook of the beta.

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