Fixes For The Division Opens Up Doors For New Bug

by on 04/22/2016

Ubisoft has been working hard to fixing many of the bugs that have been popping up in The Division. From Daily Challenges not changing, to serious effects in gameplay, nothing has gone to plan in some ways. Yesterday, they revealed that two major bugs were getting fixed, as they noted on their forums:

“Here is the list of changes implemented with the server restart of April 21:

  • Fixed a bug where players could revive others twice by holding the Revive key
  • Fixed a bug where Talent effects could be stacked by repeatedly switching the equipped weapon. This should also resolve the recent server instability that was due to the increased traffic generated by this bug.”

However, Eurogamer reports that a bug has already been discovered that allows you to trick enemies into defeating the Falcon Lost Incursion Boss without you lifting a finger. LIkely, this has been reported to Ubisoft, and thus will hopefully been taken care of soon.

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