Gears Of War 4 Head Shows Off New Weapon Ability

by on 04/11/2016

The Gears of War franchise is known for its unique weapons. From the chainsaw gun Lancer to special grenades and more, the game is nothing if not creative in its weapony.

With Gears of War 4, the weapons appear to be getting even more insane. Rod Ferguson, the head of Coalition Studio which is making Gears of War 4, released a Vine of its new weapon the Dropshot, which can do something very special to enemies. Check it out via this tweet.

This is the official description of the weapon.

“The Dropshot fires hovering aerial mines that plummet to the ground and drill into whatever gets in their way once you release the fire button”

Gears of War 4 aims to release on October 11th.

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