Overkill Software’s Walking Dead Shooter Delayed

by on 01/22/2016

There have been several games centered around the Walking Dead universe at this point. Some have been based on the comic while others have been centered around the TV series; some have been great while others have been cheap throwaways. But there’s a big, expensive, AAA-style Walking Dead shooter in the works — you’ll just have to wait a long time for it.

Overkill Software, developers of Payday, are currently putting the new game together, creatively called “Overkill’s The Walking Dead.” Now we have word that the game has been delayed. Previously expected to make its big appearance later this year, Overkill’s The Walking Dead has now been knocked back 12 months to the fall of 2017.

Overkill also mentioned that the delay would give them ample time to add more content and create an “Asian version” of the game to be released in Japan….they are apparently making the game different depending on the region. Overkill did not specify how.

The fact that we have yet to see this game in action tells you something — in most cases, when we’re within the year a AAA game is scheduled to come out and we still haven’t seen a single screenshot, it means you should take its release date with a cinderblock-sized grain of salt. And so it has come to pass. Expect Overkill’s The Walking Dead in about two years or so.

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