Get Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Items by Buying Junk Food

by on 08/26/2014

Where I come from Moutain Dew is such an embarrassingly hillbilly staple that some of the local people have developed a dental condition called “Mountain Dew Mouth.” Do not Google that. You will puke. And Doritos give me gas. Personally, I think it’s extremely regrettable that these snack foods have used their marketing muscle to position themselves as the “official” food of gamers.
So I’ll probably sit out the latest “Dew and Doritos” fueled gaming promotion, but if you like ’em or can at least tolerate them you can earn some Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare swag by saving codes from Dew and Doritos packages.
The “Fuel Up For Battle” promotion lets you earn cosmetic gear for Advanced Warfare (such as boots, goggles, exoskeletons and helmets) Double XP, and Rapid Supply drops. The cosmetic items are timed exclusives until Feb. 15, 2015, but it still seems very skippable and thankfully not likely to unbalance multiplayer.
The promotion starts Oct. 6, well ahead of the game’s Nov. 4 launch date. You can enter the codes at http://www.fuelupforbattle.com/. Entering also gives you a chance to win an Xbox One. So far it seems like the promotion is only for the U.S.
[Source: GameSpot]

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