Greg Nicotero: The Cannibal Hints at Terminus Were an Intentional Tease

by on 05/01/2014

I know that most fans are sure that the residents of Terminus are eating human flesh, and some even think that Beth Burgers are simmering on the grill, but The Walking Dead co-executive producer, special effects maven, and director Greg Nicotero said the various details in the final episode were set up to tease fans and leave some uncertainty.

“Oh, of course,” he says. “I know what she’s cooking, and people will find out next season what she’s cooking, but yeah, absolutely. I’m really proud of that episode.”

Nicotero also said that despite his involvement with the show, he was just as affected by one of the most powerful moments of season four, the death of Lizzie in “The Grove” as the fans were. 

“I cried when I watched the first cut of that, and I got to the scene with Melissa (McBride) and I literally paused it and had to call her and say, ‘You f***ing made me cry. I’m speechless,'” he recalls. “And she’s like, ‘Well f***, hang up and watch the rest of it and call me,’ because she was so excited. Then I watched the rest of the episode and I was speechless for like 45 minutes. I couldn’t talk, I was just so moved by her performance and what a fantastic script Scott Gimple wrote. She called me back like three hours later, like ‘Thanks for calling me back,’ and I was like, ‘You don’t understand.’ I couldn’t talk.”

[Source: Zap2It via Online Athens]

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