Halo Channel Mobile App Now Tracks Halo 5 Stats

by on 10/26/2015

If you’re the type who really, really, really cares about your stats in Halo, enough to need a mobile app that keeps track of them, we have good news for you: Microsoft has now updated the Halo Channel mobile app to be compatible with Halo 5.
The Halo Channel app syncs up with your account in Halo games and calculates your skills across all Campaign and Multiplayer modes. This will include Halo 5’s 12v12 Warzone mode when the game launches. The app servers other functions as well; Microsoft went into detail on them here.

You can see your total kills, as well as breakdown of how many kills you’ve accrued per enemy type. Remember, when you’re taking down enemy AI or other Spartans, everything you’re doing in Warzone helps bring your team closer to victory, and you’ll find a breakdown of it on this page. You’ll also be able to dive into stats for each match to view the complete Carnage Report which includes Kills, Assists, Boss Takedowns, etc.
The Halo Channel mobile app is also receiving some more content to match the Xbox One app. With this update, you’ll be able to watch Halo: Nightfall on the go, and when it becomes available, Halo: The Fall of Reach – The Animated Series.
Finally, the latest and greatest version of the Halo Channel app is now available on Windows Phone. Now Windows Phone fans can enjoy the wide variety of videos featured on Halo Channel including The Sprint, Red vs Blue, and HCS Updates in addition to the complete Halo 5: Guardians stats experience.

The app will be updated today. Halo 5 launches tomorrow.

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