As She Heads ‘Into The Storm’ Sarah Wayne Callies Says Lori Might Have Lived

by on 08/08/2014

Sarah Wayne Callies has been out promoting her new found-footage style disaster movie, in which she plays a scientist who joins a storm-chaser film crew as they hunt down deadly supertornadoes.

But reporters just can’t help but ask her about her former The Walking Dead character Lori, Rick Grimes’ late love her or hate her but judging from the fandom mostly hate her wife on The Walking Dead.

Most surprising, Callies told Crave Online that althoush she knew Lori was going to die from the start, those plans could have changed.

“Yeah, I knew from the beginning that Lori was on borrowed time. Frank Darabont and I argued about it sometimes. Every now and again, he would threaten not to kill her and I would argue that I think it’s necessary for Rick’s psychology and for the story, and for Carl’s psychology. And then when Frank left the show, we spoke about it in general terms and then in April of the year that we started shooting, we started shooting in May, they told me it was coming down in March or April. Somehow we managed to keep that secret all the way until November when it aired,” Callies said.

If you see Callies, don’t try to strike up a conversation about the latest episode of the show. She’s not a regular watcher. Of course, she has something better.

“Well, I don’t have a television so I actually never catch up with “Walking Dead.” I watch seasons and a couple episodes here and there, but the people I keep up with are my friends. I’m in touch with those guys a lot, Norman and Steven and Andy and John, Jeff DeMunn who played Dale. These are people who really matter to me and those relationships I think will endure whether or not the show is on the air,” she said.

Den of Geek asked Callies what her current perspective of her time on The Walking Dead is.

“Gratitude. Gratitude, gratitude and more gratitude. I think it’s one of the best jobs I’ve ever had and we were able to really learn from each other as actors and as crew and as writers and directors. There was a huge sense of collaboration with one another. And I’m so grateful for that. I learned a better way of working. I learned a new way of working. I learned a more collaborative way of working because people were so open with one another. And that’s a huge gift. I’ll take that with me everywhere I go,” Callies said.

Into the Storm is out in theaters today in the U.S.

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