Here's a Look at Sledgehammer's Abandoned Vietnam Call of Duty

by on 06/25/2014

Before Sledgehammer Games was asked to work on Modern Warfare 3, it was working on a third-person Call of Duty that took place during the Vietnam War, but was mostly set in other countries involved in the conflict such as Cambodia.
The drips and drabs of info we’ve gotten about that game have been intriguing. The most intriguing was that it had a well-developed, complex, and dark storyline.
This beautiful concept art for the project from concept designer Eddie Del Rio in the gallery below shows us just how dark. There’s a plane crash, a Cambodian village, and an American soldier just a few seconds away from decapitation with a sword.
It kind of makes you hope that when Sledgehammer is done with its futuristic war, it’ll take the time to go back and revisit this grittier, lower-tech one and finally tell this story.

[Source: IGN]

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