Interview With Titanfall Lead Artist Joel Emslie

by on 05/01/2014

VG24/7 has a great interview with Titanfall Lead Artist Joel Emslie. Emslie discusses the art of Titanfall, including what influenced its unique style.
“We are very influenced by other works of science fiction and futuristic works, but we tend to put a heavy layer into our work that’s inspired by contemporary elements,” says  Emslie.
“Our influences range from movies, manga and anime to tractors, tanks and jets. I think the successful parts of our art style and game are the ones that are really out there, but you tend to take them for granted because of how much you can relate or believe them. That’s always different from person to person but hopefully we have found a visual sweet spot somewhere along the way.”
Emslie talks about how the art of Titanfall must support the needs of the game.
“This type of art isn’t gallery art where the viewer is expected to interpret the content. Gameplay and artistic direction have to co-exist as the game is created in order for the entire universe to feel cohesive. The art of Titanfall in many ways needs to communicate directly with its fan base and help ground the gameplay and really support the fun as much as possible.”
Emslie said that Titanfall is very much an “experimental game,” and that one of the challenges was creating environments that work at both Titan and pilot scale.
“A considerable amount of thought and energy went into making sure the environments compliment the scale of the titans. Both titans and pilots have their own separate metrics that define the scale of the environments and the objects within them. We never look at those metrics as restricting the art direction. We tend to look at artistic boundaries as a way to work within an understandable space. Having good boundaries also helps us complete tasks in a more objective way,” he said.
The full interview is well worth reading. Check it out here.
[Source: VG24/7]
Image from VG24/7

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