The Iron Banner Tournament Is Not In Your Destiny

by on 06/21/2016

There’s a big update coming this year for Destiny, called Rise of Iron. We saw a lot of it at E3. But it won’t get here until September, so Bungie’s just going to have to tread water the best it can with the return of the Iron Banner Tournament…if they can get it running.
The latest Tournament would have begun today at 10 AM, but it’s been hit with delays. Bungie says there have been some issues with network connections in Destiny’s weekend multiplayer event, Trials of Osiris. In addition, players have reported that damage isn’t registering correctly in Crucible matches, and some character data isn’t loading.Rather than risk these bugs manifesting in Iron Banner, Bungie has delayed the tournament until they can be weeded out.
Once Iron Banner begins properly, you’ll be able to win rare class items and helmets, some of which are exclusive to Playstation 4 (see the pic above for some of ’em). As Bungie is still working on the problem, there is no known date for the return of the Iron Banner Tournament.

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