Is This About To Happen To Maggie?

by on 03/30/2016

In the closing minutes of last Sunday’s Walking Dead episode, Maggie Greene — who is pregnant — suddenly doubled over with pain and collapsed, suggesting a miscarriage was about to happen. It’s an unpleasant experience for the best of us, but given what we know about the zombie condition as it is in the Kirkmanverse, could it be far worse? People are coming to THIS conclusion:

  1. Everybody has the zombie virus in them, and all dead people turn into zombies eventually
  2. A miscarriage is caused by a baby dying in the womb
  3. Therefore, a horrific zombie fetus is about to burst out of Maggie’s uterus

Not so fast. If you think about this, that logic doesn’t work.

Babies are not born with teeth. They grow them several months after they’ve left the womb; until then, they subsist on a liquid diet. Even if through some weird mutation Maggie’s baby DID have teeth, it would not know how to use them, as it would have never had a reason to — fetuses are fed through the umbilical cord. It couldn’t claw its way out either, any more than an actual baby could rip a burlap sack in half. In short, a zombie fetus shouldn’t be able to do anything.

The question is if the writers have realized this or not. If they haven’t, we could very well be forced to watch a fetus monster burst from Maggie’s belly (bleagh!) Come Sunday we’ll know for sure.

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