Finally, Kristen Bell Will Guest Star On iZombie

by on 12/29/2015

There have been several actors from Veronica Mars, a Rob Thomas production, that have guest-starred on iZombie, another Rob Thomas production. Percy Daggs III, who played Wallace, guested in an episode, and Ryan Hansen, formerly the obnoxious Dick Casablancas, played a completely different character in an arc from last season. But where is Veronica Mars herself, Kristen Bell? Bell owes Thomas everything for kickstarting her career back in Aught-Four. Well, we finally have news she’s returning the favor and will appear in an episode.

But she’ll be dead.

You’ll at least be HEARING Kristen Bell a lot, because when Liv eats her brain (the brain of the erotic fiction author Bell is playing), she hears a voice-over narrating her life. As for what happens as a result, the producers aren’t giving out any more plot hints.

In retrospect, it’s amusing to think Thomas originally cast Bell in the role of someone who rarely smiles, given her modern-day status as the human equivalent of a happy face sticker. The iZombie episode, titled “Fifty Shades of Gray Matter,” will make its premiere January 26 on The CW.

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