Katelyn Nacon Confirms Turtle-Eater-Girl Has Secrets

by on 11/24/2015

Last Sunday (SPOILERS ahead) Glenn just survived, somehow, and fittingly the next thing he did was encounter another person who does the same frequently. Katelyn Nacon sat down for a discussion with Yahoo TV about Enid, the character she plays, and if there’s more to her than we’ve seen so far.

We will indeed learn more very soon “I think you’ll get to see a bit more of her, literally and metaphorically, if that makes sense. You may get to understand her a bit better, and her way of thinking.”

Given how walled up Enid has been with her emotions, why does she open up to Glenn? “Because of just how protective he is and how safe she feels in that environment. She kind of does it without even noticing.”

Glenn and Enid seem to bond in record time, but it’s not a father-daughter bond, more like siblings “Enid might see him as a father kind of character, but I think it’s more like they both have a respect for each other. Glenn wouldn’t be like, “Oh, you can’t do this, you can’t do that.” It’s more like an older brother-type thing. Steven even talked to me about that, because we were trying to establish the character relationship. He was like, “Yeah, I don’t feel like it would be a father relationship,” because he knows that she’s independent and she can take care of herself, so he wouldn’t take over that way. I totally agreed with him.”

If Ron got eaten or something, it wouldn’t affect her “If Ron got eaten or something, it wouldn’t affect her. Because, especially during that time when they started to get “closer” — and I put air quotes around that — she was definitely even more closed off than what she is now. There’s no way she would have let someone get near her, even if they were her “boyfriend.” It’s a tricky situation, but if he got eaten or died, it wouldn’t really hurt her that much.”

If Carl bit it instead, she might be affected a bit more, but not in a romantic way “I think it would have a little bit of an effect on her, even though she’s done her best to try to distance herself from him. It’s still more like there’s a natural understanding of each other in that relationship. They’ve been through really similar things, and they understand each other, but even if there’s nothing officially going on, it’s still that kind of… if [he] is gone, it affects her. It would affect her in some way.”

Enid didn’t actually eat a turtle “It was chicken wings covered in this fake blood. It tasted pretty weird, but it wasn’t like it was inedible or anything.”

But she’s not going to live it down “At Walker Stalker Cons, I’ve definitely gotten a lot of turtles to sign, and a lot of Turtles candy, and Ninja Turtles.”

Read the full interview with Katelyn Nacon on Yahoo TV.

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