Least Surprising News Of The Year: A New Call Of Duty

by on 02/11/2016

Everybody knew it was coming, but today was the day Activision made it formal. There WILL be a new Call of Duty coming out for current-gen consoles and the PC in the fall of 2016. Consider us shocked.
Three different studios work on Call of Duty games simultaneously to make the annual delivery possible. This year it’s Infinity Ward’s turn, who previously gave us Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Ghosts. Activision revealed no details about what they’re finishing up at the moment, only to call it a “new innovative Call of Duty title.” Maybe “innovative” means you now play as Kanye West’s dead mother on an endless running platform trying to get to heaven. Nah, it’s been done.
Activision also made their second least surprising announcement of the year today: 2016 will get a new Skylanders game! Will there be new figures involved, and will gameplay involve pressing them on a pad to put them into the game world? No one knows for sure. The title of this new game was not announced.
One franchise Activision will NOT be annualizing, they admitted, is Guitar Hero. Whether it’s because of disappointing sales or something else, a sequel to Guitar Hero Live will not be coming out in 2016.

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