Let's Try to Understand This Call of Duty vs. Minecraft Video Together

by on 08/26/2014


This Korean live-action video features a couple of crafty Call of Duty players sneaking up on some Minecrafters to liberate their precious diamonds. They were probably just going to use them to build something frivolous anyway.
The plan seems to go well with some expertly placed sniper shots, but then they are brutally ambushed by a mad Minecraft player in iron armor.
And then things start to happen that seem to be related to League of Legends and popup ads that I don’t understand. Oh well, at least the Call of Duty players survive. Should have kept an eye out for Creepers,though!
Although the video is completely inane, makes no sense, and apparently was shot with no budget and cardboard costumes, it still manages to be fun. Check it out.
via Kotaku

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