Lincoln and Gurira Share Their Thoughts On THAT Scene

by on 02/22/2016

First things first: this newspost deals with the final two minutes of last night’s episode, so if it’s still sitting in your DVR yet to be viewed, don’t read the content below until you’ve seen it (and I suggest you get to that as soon as possible; this is the kind of story development that will be impossible to avoid spoilers for in about a day’s time).

So….after years of wishing on the part of fans, Rick and Michonne finally fell for each other! And after sitting through so many bland Rick romances, it couldn’t have happened too soon. Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick, was dialed up by USA Today for a phone intervierw to discuss his thoughts on the development.

The turn in the script took Lincoln by surprise — he didn’t see it coming. “I really didn’t. The funny thing was, Danai said, ‘I absolutely did.'” However, he came to feel the moment made sense. . “It was that sort of domesticated, familial relaxation between old friends and then we look at each other. It wasn’t a surprise. It’s, ‘Of course. Of course, this is right and it’s meant to be.’ ”

Originally the show’s final scene would have been a bit more modest, but Lincoln insisted it wasn’t true to his character to be in bed with all his clothes on. “The final scene was supposed to be a little more demure. Danai and I just said, ‘The audience has seen us have a kiss. Then, there’s this reveal of us in bed. The only way we’re going to up this ante and make it real is we’ve got to be naked,’ ” Lincoln told their producer, “ ‘We wouldn’t hide under sheets. We’d go for the gun and katana.’ We wanted viewers to know nothing’s changed. They’re just ferocious.”

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