Meet The Titanfall 2 Mechs: Legion

by on 09/01/2016

Respawn Entertainment promised yesterday they’d be revealing the remaining three Titans from Titanfall 2 over the next week. It started with a big trailer starring all of them; today Legion is introduced.
Legion is armed with the Predator Cannon, a weapon that shoots in two modes: long-range, in which you simply aim and shoot, and auto-lock, which does the aiming for you (if there’s a downside to this, Respawn isn’t saying yet). Legion can block attacks with its Gun Shield, but only those attacks directed at its front.
The Predator Cannon’s special move, the Powershot, takes out rivals with a superpowered blast — but it must be charged up first. You can also use Legion to pull a trick where it uses the barrel of its gun to throw enemies into the air and then shoot them before they hit the ground.
Try it if you can October 28, when Titanfall 2 goes on sale. As for now, here’s the Legion trailer….

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