Mobile Game Call of Duty: Heroes Out Now in Australia and New Zealand

by on 08/15/2014

Mobile games on iOS tend to “soft launch” in smaller territories before coming to larger markets like the U.S. and Europe. Gives them time to test things and iron out the bugs, and I suppose our friends in those countries don’t mind being free beta testers if it gives them earlier access to games.
That’s the case with Call of Duty: Heroes, a new iOS Call of Duty game by One of Swords. Officially it’s still Call of Duty: Heroes Beta and it’s only available in Australia and New Zealand.
Call of Duty: Heroes Killstreak
Heroes is a top-down, free-to-play casual strategy game with a base-building element that’s drawing comparisons to popular mobile money-sinks like Clash of Clans. I’m guessing that if you read our forum you’re likely more into AAA shooting experiences than mobile free-to-play games, but these things are money-making machines, so its to be expected we’ll see efforts like this.
Call of Duty Heroes Character Card
The game cribs numerous elements from the Call of Duty franchise to give it flavor. Weapons, drone strikes and killstreaks from the main games are present. The heroes apparently refer to returning characters from the franchise, including Captain Price, Soap, Harper.
What do you think of games like this carrying the Call of Duty brand? Discuss in our forums.

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