Wow! It’s Newt!

by on 04/26/2016

Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5 is currently being stalled while Ridley Scott’s Prometheus 2, AKA Alien: Covenant, is being created (whether we like it or not). To whet our appetites further, or just to prolong the torturous wait, Blomkamp uploaded this drawing to Instagram today:


Blomkamp previously claimed Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection wouldn’t be knocked out of continuity by his movie, but this clearly suggests otherwise. It’s a sight I thought I would never see outside of old Dark Horse comics from the 80’s: a grown-up Newt, ready for battle against the Xenomorph menace!


Why must we be put through this? Why can’t we have the better movie first?

As for who might be playing her, the art itself provides an answer. She looks almost exactly like Newt’s actress, Carrie Henn, looks now:

CMlb-gqUwAAdBDM.jpg large

It’s too early for even casting to be finalized on this film, but we know who Blomkamp has in mind. It’s too bad we won’t be seeing her suit up this year, or next year for that matter. Alien: Covenant is scheduled to open in theaters August 5, 2017.

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