New Characters Coming To Grimm Next Season

by on 09/08/2015

It has been noted that NBC’s Grimm is the type of show that’s impossible to describe to someone who’s never seen it.

“Grimm? What’s that about?”
“Um….it’s about these people….who have animal heads….but they’re SECRET animal heads….”
“I see.”
“They’re called the Wesen, and they’re really racist and they hate each other, and some of them are outright monsters who kill people, so there’s this chosen one called the Grimm who keeps them in check with giant axes and blugeoning maces. Though you rarely see this particular Grimm act that cool.”
“And all the terms related to them are in German, which means every time you see the letter W you have to pronounce it like the letter V. That’s why ‘wesen’ sounds like ‘vesen.’ When they transform into their animal-head forms they call it ‘woging,’ which is pronounced ‘Vogueing,’ like in the Madonna song.”
“So they strike a pose?”
“No, they don’t do that, they don’t need to do that.”

As a resident of Portland I find it amusing there’s a show set where I live that’s like this, and I continue to watch it for this reason alone. There’s an overarching plot, but it moves at a snail’s pace and too much time is devoted to cheap industrial-grade  procedural filler. Network TV, whatyagonnado.

A lot is expected to change in Nick’s (the Grimm’s) life next season, now that one of the regular characters — his longtime, bland, irritating girlfriend — turned evil, burned all his evil-smiting tools and bit the dust in that order. New characters will have to be introduced, but it’s anyone’s guess which ones will stick. Perhaps one of these two….

Madeline Brewer from “Orange Is The New Black” will be playing Billie Trump (no relation….I think?), the leader of a street gang causing trouble on Portland streets, but this being Grimm they will also secretly be lizard people (the technical term being “Skalengecks.”) Her arc will last two episodes. Carlson Young, whose last TV appearance was on MTV’s Scream, will appear as Selina Golias, a good samaritan who is harboring an attack survivor in her house who happens to be Wesen and ALSO happens to be the focus of a major feud. Selina will be dogmeat if Nick can’t get to her first.

The new season of Grimm starts on NBC October 30.

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