In New Destiny Patch Purple Equals Purple

by on 10/01/2014

Oh, the pain of farming Destiny mobs for hours to get a purple legendary engram only to find out that, thanks to the Cryptarch’s personal philosophy of randomness and nihilistic chaos, it actually yields lame rare equipment you could have gotten from a common blue engram.
It’s pain that Destiny players will no longer feel, as of the latest patch the random element is removed and those shiny purples will always resolve into legendary gear.
The 1.0.2 patch, which went live today, not only generally makes the Cryptarch, the character that decodes the collectible engrams you find into equipment, fairer and more reasonable. It also provides slightly higher rewards for activities that might hopefully make the Destiny endgame less of a grind. There are also a couple of tweaks to the Crucible multi-player.
The full patch notes from Bungie follow:
Legendary (purple) engrams will always produce a Legendary quality item or higher
Note: Legendary engrams that exist in your inventory will change to Rare quality items when the patch is applied. However, decoding these engrams will still produce the same results as before
Rare (blue) engrams will always produce a Rare quality item or higher
Chance for Legendary gear increased
Materials: Ascendant Shards and Ascendant Energy promoted to Legendary quality (from Rare quality)
Rare (Blue) and Legendary (Purple) Engram drops added to the potential rewards for:
Vanguard: Tiger Strike Playlist
Daily Heroic Missions (first time per day)
Weekly Heroic Missions (first time per week)
Known issues
When selecting a higher difficulty for daily missions, XP Bonus not show in the reward display
You will still get the XP bonus, you just won’t see it in the UI
Reduced time limit on Bastion and First Light in Control and Clash from 15 to 12 minutes, bringing them in line with non-vehicle maps in those playlists
Lowered weighting on Bastion and First Light in Control and Clash so they appear less often in those playlists
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