New Details About Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

by on 05/05/2014

GameSpot has summarized the details from Game Informer’s Cover story about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and it reveals some interesting details about the game’s futuristic setting, and about what gamers can expect from the game.
According to the article Sledgehammer Games is only working on the Xbox one, PS4, and PC versions using a new engine. A separate studio, not yet named, will be developing Xbox 360 and PS3 version. Sorry, Wii U players, you’re not mentioned.
The game will have a co-op mode. Details of its competitive multiplayer haven’t been released yet, but Activision says it is “absolutely” comitted to E-Sports.
The game takes place in 2054 and opens with an event described as a “Global 9/11” perpetrated by a terrorist organization called KVA. You play as Pvt. Mitchell, who will be voiced by Troy Baker (Joel from the Last of Us). Mitchell starts as a Marine, but one your squadmates will be the son of Kevin Spacey’s Character Private Military Company Atlas Corporation CEO Jonathan Irons. This is how Mitchell is asked to join Iron’s squad and outfitted with an “exo-suit” to enhance his abilities.
There’s a load of futuristic stuff in the game including: energy weapons; upgrades like camouflage, wall-climbing and super jumps for the exo-suit; and variable grenades. It all sounds a little more pew-pew than bang-bang, will gamers take to a Call of Duty that goes this far into Halo territory?
[Source: GameSpot]

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