New Episodes Will Have a Faster Pace

by on 01/29/2012

the walking dead nebraska - New Episodes Will Have a Faster Pace

The Walking Dead is set to pick up this February after the thrilling end to the first set of episodes this past November, and the story will now pick up even faster. The season finale that took place was great, but there was a lot of fans complaining that it took too long to get to the point. In response to the fans saying the story is being drawn out too much, they have decided to speed things up going forward and we can expect to see this when “Nebraska” airs this February 12th.

According to Glen Mazzara and Robert Kirkman, the storytelling will increase, which should mean more excitement and more intense moments.

“I don’t know if we’d say that we regret any of the episodes that we did,” said Mazzara. “I’m proud of those episodes and, if some people feel that some of those episodes were slower than others, I could argue that we were spending time with our characters.”

Kirkman added: “We recognize this criticism, and it is valid, but we are working on a 13-piece puzzle that, as a whole, should be seen in a different light. We’re hoping that, when it’s all put together, people will see that it all came together in a good way.”

The show is set to pick up right from the scene of the barn in which the group of survivors takes down a barn full of zombies, including Sophia. A few of the walkers inside were part of Hershel’s family that became infected and we can expect some turmoil from their decision. The Walking Dead will begin again in 3 weeks and with the newest episode called “Nebraska”.

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  • Remote44
    01/30/2012 at 1:36 am

    Yeah… after the lashing Me and every other sensible fan gave them on twitter and other social mediums they need to let people know we are actually going to use more then 1 location for the rest of the season


    • MikeD
      01/30/2012 at 9:22 am

      But it was right for the story to give them that sense of security and then after they get comfortable, strip it away…I mean I was upset that the Sophia storyline drug out…but I didn’t mind them staying n the farm. And it’s not only about the fans either, yes they should take the fans into consideration but it’s also their work and their working on a project they love and should do the majority of it their way

      And I think you should just stop watching the show because their actually on the farm till the end of the episode, according to the episode synopsis 3×09-3×13


  • Frank
    01/30/2012 at 9:32 pm

    The problem is not to pit character building on one side & zombie action on the other.  I would argue what was missing was situational awareness and tension.  No one I know wants the zombies to become such a joke you play whack-a-mole with them every episode or have a zombie run.  That would be as boring as a video game. Nor do I know anyone that wanted more soap opera drama. But it was/is the TENSION that is missing when they’re chatting on porches about God, or hanging laundry, or having sex in drug stores and on and on.  Even if the walkers aren’t in the scene, for pete’s sake, no one is acting as though they could pop out of nowhere! Behind doors or under cars or anywhere else.  They should be constantly looking over their shoulder…wouldn’t you??  That is far different from “zombie action”…that is creating and sustaining a tense evironment where their lives are at risk 24/7.  Sleeping with one eye open, unless you are barracaded in somewhere, etc. It’s the tension they need to focus on.  You can have zombie action and your character building, but it needs to be tense.


    • jeffson
      03/20/2012 at 1:50 pm

      This is the same conclusion I’ve come to. This is what made season 2 so boring. They were just chilling on some farm (that was apparently a safe haven), sitting on couches, arguing amongst themselves. The farm is just sucking the mood out of The Walking Dead. This is why I still have hope that season 3 will be better because they will no longer be on the farm.


  • ohmygodjohntravolta
    01/31/2012 at 1:46 pm

    Episode 8: “Nebraska”
    The episode starts at the exact same spot the previous one left off. One of the walkers who got shot (the stepmom) tries to grab Beth (Hershel’s youngest daughter), but is killed by Andrea with a swift hoe through the head. Shane shouts some more and Hershel tells the group to “LEAVE MY FARM!” for the umpteenth time. Maggie finally slaps Shane right in the face and things cool down somewhat.

    Sophia is buried along with Hershel’s dead family members from the barn. T-Dog, Andrea, and Shane pile the other corpses on a truck, drive to a nearby field and burn the bodies in a pyre. Hershel has something of a mental breakdown as he slips out of the farm and goes to a bar in the town to get shitfaced. Beth goes into catatonic shock from the ordeal at the barn, so Rick and Glenn head to town in order to bring Hershel back.

    Meanwhile, Dale tells a skeptical Lori about his suspicions that Shane killed Otis and his belief that Shane will sooner or later kill someone else. Daryl snaps and shouts at Lori when asked to bring Rick and Hershel home quicker, stating he’s “done looking for people”. Lori heads out by herself, hits a random walker on the way and flips the car into a ditch. It’s not shown what happened to her. That’s the second (and the last) actual walker we see in the episode.

    Glenn and Rick find Hershel in the bar. After a five-minute rant by a drunk Hershel, two dudes (Tony and Dave) enter the bar. They are bad guys. They inform Glenn, Rick, and Hershel that Fort Benning is overrun and they’re heading for Nebraska, which is supposedly safe. “Low population, lots of guns,” as they put it.

    The two quickly deduce that Rick and company must have a farm nearby and want to go there because “they’ve got people to look out for”. “That’s not gonna happen,” says Rick. There’s a tense situation, since both guys are armed and threaten to take the farm by force. This culminates with a Clint Eastwood-style gun draw and Rick shoots both guys dead. The scene then cuts to bodies of walkers burning in the pyre. End episode.


  • Jdouglas
    03/14/2012 at 3:02 pm

    This season’s episodes were too slow and drawn our. Was AMC milking the series, i.e. low production costs (the actors just talking) and hoping to loop in more viewers??


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