New Halo 5 Campaign Details Revealed

by on 06/12/2015

The Guardian got their hands on Halo 5 for an advanced playtest, and came away with a lot of new details about its story.
Halo 5 will take place five months after Halo 4. Master Chief is now part of a rogue team of Spartans that are having issues with another team of armored spacemen, who call themselves Fireteam Osiris (and yes, Mr. Locke from the early trailers is the leader of that team). The most notable news is the return of some familiar friends and foes from the series’ past, including the Covenant, the Prometheans from Halo 4, and…….Cortana.
Wait, Cortana?? How is that possible after she said she was dying in Halo 3, made a big deal out of dying in Halo 4, and then died? Well, she’s back, but not as herself….she’s described by The Guardian as a non-interactive “ghostly apparition.” Honestly, I would not be surprised if Cortana is outright resurrected at some point, maybe even within this game. She’s so iconic to this series that Microsoft named their entire Windows Phone voice synthesis program after her. If she ever does come back, I don’t think it would be much of a stretch. She’s AI; robots can always be fixed no matter what they claim.
Not quite as much detail was revealed about the multiplayer side of the game; Microsoft says the secrets of that portion will be revealed at E3. Halo 5 comes out October 27 on XBox One.

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