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Walking Dead Plush Toys Coming This Summer

by on 04/25/2013

walking dead plush - Walking Dead Plush Toys Coming This Summer

This summer fans will be able to grab a set of the really cool plush toys that will be coming out in July that will feature some of the best characters, and zombies. Funko will be releasing the set of the 7″ little plush guys come early summer and these should be a hit with fans.


Walking Dead Plush Toy Set

Well Zombie Plushie

Rick Grimes Plushie

Bicycle Girl Plushie

Daryl Dixon Plushie


If you’re looking to grab something cool, or if you’re a collector, these would be simply awesome to add to your collection. This set has two of The Walking Dead’s most popular characters along with two of the coolest zombies from the show. Keep your eyes peeled as these will be available in less than 3 months.

walking dead plush toys - Walking Dead Plush Toys Coming This Summer

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  • Plantastic
    11/03/2013 at 7:22 pm

    Search the Zombie Plant Grow kit to grow a real ZOMBIE PLANT that “Plays DEAD” when you Touch it!


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