New Video Reveals Just Cause 3 From End To End

by on 11/30/2015

Playstation Access put out a video over Thanksgiving weekend that shows exactly how much land Just Cause 3 is composed of. Traveling overhead whenever possible, it took a full 15 minutes to get from one end to the other and see everything. The video is embedded below so you can take a gander yourself.

Medici is 400 square miles long, which is roughly the same as Panau from Just Cause 2, but the difference is in the design. Because of rough terrain like mountain areas, it’ll take a bit longer to traverse the entirety of Medici on foot, or even by vehicle. There’s also more going on in the third game, so while the area is the same size, it’s more tightly packed with events.
Just Cause 3 comes out tomorrow for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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