New Walking Dead Images And Promos

by on 09/21/2016

Up above is AMC’s new promotional image for The Walking Dead Season 7. Sorry if it causes the Black Eyed Peas to run through your head. Let’s get it started! HAH! Let’s get it started IN HEAH! Maybe you can kill that earworm with a video…

AMC has put out a new trailer that shows EXACTLY who dies next season! …okay, not really. It does have pigs, though. We haven’t seen pigs before!

Other things:

  • Morgan repairing a mailbox
  • Horseback soldiers of The Kingdom
  • Zombies digging out of sand
  • A guy getting out of a car while holding an axe
  • Enid peering from behind a corner
  • And Ezekiel gets to speak!

You know by now that The Walking Dead Season 7 begins October 23 at 9 on AMC. It’s just a reliable coda for news articles.

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