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New Walking Dead Webisodes Titled ‘Cold Storage’ Released

by on 10/02/2012

cold storage webisode - New Walking Dead Webisodes Titled 'Cold Storage' Released

There is a new Walking Dead webisode series called “Cold Storage“.  Just like in season 2, this season will be split up into two parts once again. Episodes 1 -8 will start from October 14th and Episodes 9 – 16 will air at some point early next year.

The Walking Dead Webisode – Cold Storage

This year in “Cold Storage” we see the story of a man named Chase, who is trying to find his sister in during early days of the zombie apocalypse. While Chase is looking for his sister, he finds a temporary storage facility for shelter run by an employee named ‘BJ’, but the storage facility isn’t  what it appears to be.

If you remember the short webisodes before the premiere of season 2 last year, then it is awesome we are getting more this year! Last year we saw the story of Bicycle Girl and how she finally ended up before being shot by Rick in the premiere of season 1 when Rick found her crawling through the grass. The webisodes are really cool and give us something more to check out and watch.

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