New XBox Controller Includes Headphone Jack

by on 05/29/2015

We now know one of the things Microsoft was going to announce at the upcoming E3. It’s not a game, though….it’s a new XBox controller. The Covert Forces model, covered in a gray camoflauge design befitting the many FPS games that are a hallmark of the console.
What’s different about this one? Aside from the new paint job, it’s got a headphone jack. It’s only in the most recent of years that remote controls have been built with headphone holes that will instantly mute the TV’s sound, delivering it to headphone speakers, the moment a jack is inserted. Now Microsoft has taken the first step in delivering the idea to consoles, and it probably won’t be long before Sony follows suit. (Nintendo is kind of stuck since replacing that giant expensive gamepad controller is still pricey.)
Microsoft accidentally leaked out the upcoming existence of the Covert Forces controller when someone posted the design on their XBox support website. The pictures have since been removed from the site, but now they’re everywhere else and can’t be stopped. You can expect more about this controller — and the games you can use it to play — to be revealed at this year’s E3 on June 15th.

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