New Zombie Eyes For Season 2 The Walking Dead

by on 09/07/2011

walking dead zombie eyes - New Zombie Eyes For Season 2 The Walking Dead

It looks like there may be some new zombie eyes that will be in place for season 2 of The Walking Dead. AMC recently released a video showing a behind the scenes look at the eyes that make up the zombies for the hit series. Gazal Tabripor, who happens to be lens tech for the show, goes into the inside details surrounding the shows zombies.

According to Gazal, the eyes will be much more gruesome, and there will be much more detail than that of season 1. They have new contacts for the zombie eyes which are more bloodier, have ruptured veins, and the colors will be more vivid than the contacts from the previous season. The zombie eyes in a nutshell have been significantly improved.

Inside The Walking Dead: Zombie Eyes


The actors that wear these will wear them on average 4-6 hours with breaks in between to make sure their eyes get time to breathe. While even though they are zombies, they want to make sure their eyes are take care of in that they get the proper lubrication and sterilization. As season 2 of The Walking Dead gets closer and closer, we hope that AMC releases more videos showing some of the behind the scenes looks that us fans really love.

Season 2 of The Walking Dead is set to premiere this October 16th and fans are counting the days. Take some time, watch “New Zombie Eyes For Season 2 The Walking Dead“, and sit back and wait for the action to come to our screens this fall.

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