Norman Reedus Debunks Rumor He ‘Begged’ Producers to Not Make Daryl Gay

by on 10/30/2014

Norman Reedus wants you to know he is not afraid of the possibility that Daryl Dixon might be gay, and he has not begged The Walking Dead’s producers to avoid that storyline.

Site the Inquisitor, citing what they say is a report in the “highly esteemed’ Globe Magazine (I hope that’s sarcasm, Globe is bottom-feeding tabloid) says Reedus doesn’t want Daryl to be gay.

“Insiders say he fears the same-sex shocker would hurt ratings by disappointing his legions of female fans. Norman isn’t anti-gay in his personal life, but he’s become one of the biggest male sex symbols in television. He gets thousands of fan letters from women each week – along with dozens of marriage proposals,” The Inquisitor reports, quoting the Globe.

Reedus had a simple response to the rumor, linking the Inquisitor article on Twitter with the quick message “This is total bs by the way.”

Daryl’s sexuality has been a minor fan controversy since Robert Kirkman hinted that Daryl might be gay recently, although I’ve noted that the primary fan reaction seems to be an exasperated “Who cares, as long as he still kicks ass.”

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