Norman Reedus Drops Hints on Daryl’s Fate

by on 03/28/2016

Last Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead ended with a gun pointed at Daryl’s head, and his former “friend,” Crazy-Eyed Dwight, holding the trigger. The final second was blacked out, but we definitely heard a gunshot, followed by Dwight assuring an unspecified person that “you’ll be all right.” Probably not Daryl; it’s safe to assume he is not all right.

Or perhaps Dwight shot someone else and we were deceived by tricky camera angles? Who knows? Norman Reedus knows. The Hollywood Reporter decided to ask Daryl’s actor if he could give out any hints. You might expect the usual runaround, but Reedus does answer one lingering question regarding that scene: Daryl IS the one who just got shot.

“You don’t know where he shoots him, but that definitely is his blood right there. Dwight knows if Daryl spins around, he’s not spinning around to say something; he’s spinning around to attack. Dwight knows if Daryl turns around, Daryl is going to end him. But that’s definitely Daryl’s blood.”

“So is Daryl dead?” asked THR. Reedus said, “I can’t tell you that. But Dwight definitely shoots him.”

I’d be very surprised if this is a Game of Thrones situation where it looks like someone just died and then in the next episode they really DID die. Especially since it happens right next to an episode where everybody is secretly hoping Daryl lives through this just so he can be part of the cliffhanger we know is coming. To have Daryl drop from something like this wouldn’t just be anticlimactic, it’d be pathetic. For that reason, my vote is for “Daryl lives, at least for 90 more minutes.”

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