Norman Reedus Rejects “Hearthrob” Label in New Cast Interview

by on 02/04/2015

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Fair warning, this Today show segment on The Walking Dead’s mid-season premiere opens with a pun so bad that your tongue may leap up your throat to try to throttle your brain into unconsciousness, just so you can escape into the sweet comforting arms of death.

But if you can get past that, it’s a good opportunity to check up with the cast.

Most of it is stuff we’ve heard before, including how Andrew Lincoln shaved off his beard and Norman Reedus kept it in a refrigerator.

“Norman Reedus has my beard,” Lincoln intones, and can’t help but seem a little concerned.

Reedus seems to reject his “hearthrob” status when asked about it, saying instead of trying to look “really cool” he wants to look “really real.” Oh Norman, don’t you know that authenticity is why people love you?

Steven Yeun, an actor if you remember, is for some reason solely tasked with defending the show’s violence. He says it’s always meant to spark a discussion and is “never gore for gore’s sake.”

We also get a look at the walker makeup process and more. More clips are available here.

The Walking Dead returns Feb. 8 on AMC.

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