Norman Reedus Says He Misses The Walking Dead, Too

by on 12/10/2014

Already going through The Walking Dead withdrawals as we wait until The Walking Dead returns Feb. 8? Norman Reedus says he understands how you feel.

Reedus responded with an “I do too” when an interviewer for Access Hollywood told him fans miss the show when it’s not on.

Reedus also told Access that after working so closely together for several months, the cast misses each other when the show takes breaks from filming. So they keep in touch as much as they can.

“It’s kind of like, ‘Hey guys, I miss you!'” Norman said, with a laugh. “It’s sort of pathetic. It’s, ‘What are you guys doing? How are you?’ … We really like each other so it’s constantly like, ‘What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing?'”

Reedus said they also use fun text messages to keep in touch.

“We all do actually. All of us do that. I was doing it [the other] night with Greg [Nicotero] and Steven [Yeun] and Andy [Lincoln] and Chandler [Riggs], because I found all these pictures that when we were in Comic-Con, in San Diego, we have this ritual where we get up super early, and we meet down on the beach in bathrobes and then we just run into the ocean and it’s freezing, but it’s like, it’s become a tradition now, so I found all these photographs, and we had a little text chain going on,” Reedus said. “Yeah, we do it all the time.”

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