Norman Reedus on Season Five, Beth and Daryl, and His Plans for Rick’s Beard

by on 12/22/2014

Norman Reedus took a little time Sunday to talk about the rest of season five, Beth and Daryl, just what he plans to do with Andrew Lincoln’s beard and more.

Reedus talked to fans during a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), a popular method for stars to interact directly with the public online, and answered a wide range of questions from the serious to the silly.

Of course, several fans wanted to know more about the shocking mid-season finale and what follows after. Reedus said “Coda” was easily the saddest episode he’s ever filmed.

One fan asked Reedus if there really would have been a chance of romance between Beth and Daryl if she hadn’t died.

“There was definitely a taste of that in the air,” Reedus said.

He said Daryl will have to deal with losing Beth and losing that possibility in the second half of the season.

“I think that was pretty devastating for the whole group, Daryl included. It’s kind of like real life, you always think you have more time with people,” he said.

Another fan asked Reedus if there will be more “devastating moments” in the rest of the season. From his answer, get your hankies ready.

“Well, duh. There’s some crazy stuff coming. Like crazy, crazy,” he said.

Many of the other questions tended toward silliness, and Reedus had fun with the answers. For example, when asked what Daryl’s next mode of a transportation should be, Reedus answered “a Ferrari.”

When asked what other The Walking Dead characters he could play, one of Reedus’s choices was Judith.

“I could just eat and poop and sleep thru it,” he said.

Reedus also revealed he has plans for Andrew Lincoln’s beard. Yes, Reedus now possesses Rick’s famous beard. After Lincoln shaved it for a scene, Reedus saved it in a baggie and refrigerated it for his own world domination purposes.

“And yes, I still got that bag o’ beard in the fridge. I’m going to clone him multiple times over and send and army of Andys out in to the world,” Reedus said.

Reedus also used the AMA to promote a shirt he designed. The profits from the sale of the shirt go to The Felix Organization, a charity for children in the foster care system. You can get the shirt here.

You can check out the full AMA here.

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