Play Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare a Day Early With 'Day Zero' Edition

by on 08/11/2014

Now that you’ve seen Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s new modes, Activision figures you can’t wait to play it. And they hope that you can’t wait to play it so much that you’ll order a special edition to get to play it just one day early, on November 3.
The Day Zero Edition, which, to Activision’s credit doesn’t cost extra, is available to pre-order holders who pick up on “day zero.” Day Zero editions will also be offered for Collector’s Editions, so you won’t get left out of the fun because you wanted fancier swag.
The Day Zero Edition will also offer two extra custom weapons, AK-12G assault rifle and Crossbow-B2 energy weapon, plus the standard pre-order bonus, the Advanced Arsenal, with the bullet-brass exoskeleton and Quantum EM1 directed energy weapon. You also get double XP for the entire day.
[Source: Polygon]

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