"Power Play" Pushes GTA V's Sense Of Reality

by on 06/21/2016

Generally the Grand Theft Auto series has stayed grounded in reality — an exaggerated version of reality, but real enough that the only way a Yeti can appear is if it’s in a hallucinatory sequence. I wonder what the explanation is this time — LSD? I’m talking about Power Play, the new GTA Online Adversary Mode that grants what are undeniably superpowers to its players.
In Power Play, teams work together to defeat their enemies by finding and using powerups that grant temporary abilities. Rockstar’s bullet list details what you’re in for:

  • Beasted: Transform into the Beast and use special powers like invisibility, super jump, and super strength.
  • Zoned: Slow down time for all players, giving snipers a tactical advantage over exposed enemies.
  • Doped: Dull your enemy’s senses with a trippy green haze. They’ll never see that flank coming…
  • Raging: Unleash a rampage with your entire team by inflicting increased damage while taking reduced damage.
  • Flipped: Scramble your opponents by picking up Flipped, temporarily inverting all enemy camera controls and mixing team chat to truly get in their heads.
  • Dark: Take your team off the grid for well-timed sneak attacks.

Flipped sounds like the Blue Shell of GTA tactics; that’ll be a pain to run into. Players can only use one power-up at a time, and winning will depend on how well-coordinated your team is. Several of these powers used at once in cooperation could result in easy domination.
Power Play launched today and there are three maps in the game where it can be played: Aircraft Carrier, Vespucci Beach, and Bolingbroke Prison. And this week only, Rockstar is offering double GTA$ and RP for playing. Time to power up!

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