Presenting The Gears Of War 4 Loot Crate Edition

by on 07/13/2016

It’s a game! It’s a Loot Crate! It’s both!
Microsoft has announced a special edition of Gears of War 4 will be sold in cooperation with Loot Crate. For $130, a digital code for the game will come inside a special Loot Crate along with a replica “7 Lancer and what is described as “awesome COG-sanctioned swag.”
We’re not likely to get the rest of the contents revealed before release. For those unfamiliar, the point of Loot Crate is that you pay for a mystery box full of geeky merchandise without knowing what’s in it. It’s like getting a present every month, only it’s a present you paid for. We have heard a hoodie and a collectible glass may be among the items inside.
If you want to buy the game separately (it’s strange they don’t sell a Loot Crate with the physical disc inside), the GoW4 Loot Crate sans game will also be made available; that’ll cost $75 and still come with the Lancer plus all the other physical items. Get the physical copy and stick it inside. There, it’s the best you can do.
The Loot Crate will be delivered around the time the game comes out (October 11, 2016). If you order by July 15, they’ll throw in a replica pin of the Lancer.

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