PS4 Slim Found In the Wild

by on 08/22/2016

With the advent of home computers powerful enough for photorealistic rendering, 3D printing and more, spotting the difference between a real leaked console model and a hoax gets harder and harder. So we were initially skeptical when a “PS4 Slim” just randomly showed up on a UK auction website, even if it makes total sense for Sony to be working on one. Respected website Eurogamer, however, visited the house where this model was being sold, examined the specimen themselves and confirmed that it is, in fact, the real thing.
Initially Eurogamer also had a YouTube video of the PS4 Slim working, but was advised by their legal team to take it down.
slim.jpg - PS4 Slim Found In the Wild
Now the question becomes….why does this person have this model to begin with? It’s not just the console, but the packaging and box — all intact, all looking ready for retail. Only the employees at Eurogamer have met him/her, and since they’re not speaking, we’ll just have to guess. The most likely reason a PS4 could escape this early would be if its launch date is very close. And a big announcement by Sony is, indeed, very close (a press conference called the Playstation Event takes place September 7). There could very well be thousands of Slims sitting around in warehouse pallets, ready to ship upon the big reveal.
Microsoft recently slimmed their XBox One down in preparation for a more powerful model in 2017, but they also added a couple new features like a revised controller and 4K video support. Sony’s PS4.5, codenamed PS4 Neo, is scheduled to be revealed at the Playstation Event. Will the PS4 Slim come with its own marginal improvements? We’ll have to wait a couple weeks to find out (unless those details get leaked too).

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