PUBG Aftermath Survival Pass Now Available

by on 07/30/2019

There’s plenty to do in the fourth season of PUBG, but do you need more? PUBG Corp is more than happy to oblige….for a price; you know how it is. What does the new Aftermath Survival Pass (also known as a battle pass) add to the game?

Once purchased, the Aftermath Survival Pass will add 75 new items to PUBG, but it won’t just hand them over. You must earn them through leveling up the pass, a task done by either completing specified missions / requirements, or playing lots and lots of matches. Pick the one you mind the least.

If you need more missions, there’s a new mission system in the game now, the Co-Op Mission, that lets players team up to boost their Aftermath Survival Pass levels together. It could be a faster method to unlocking all that loot….which includes new weapon skins, clothes, jackets, and the new “Red-Zoned” UAZ skin. Like they probably (or should have) taught you in kindergarten, cooperation makes progress happen!

You can get the Aftermath Survival Pass in the PUBG store today for $9.99. Season 4 of PUBG is currently active.

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