PUBG Working On Cure For The Common Camper

by on 12/09/2019

The battle royale genre has an unavoidable flaw: it attracts campers. Since the action inevitably slides closer and closer to one point, there will always be those who hang around that point until the others arrive. Having prepared by that point, they’ll pick them off one by one. Campers tend to ruin the fun. But PUBG Corp is testing what they think could be a solution to discourage them.

They call it Bluehole Mode, and it works like this: as the original safe zone shrinks, an additional blue-hued zone develops in its middle. Anyone who enters the blue zone will find themselves taking damage until they get out. Then as the safe zone closes in, the blue zone in turn shrinks until it disappears, and only then is it safe to hang out there. Until the others arrive, that is.

Bluehole Mode was tested last week in the PUBG Labs. The company hasn’t made a decision whether or not they will roll it out to the actual game. Is this the solution that will cure the common camper? Or will we ever actually see it implemented? Stay tuned.

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