Rats! iZombie Season Three Benched Until 2017

by on 05/20/2016

Recently Warner Bros. made the announcement that Supergirl would be moving from CBS, where its first season aired, to The CW, where three other DC superhero shows already run. The CW only has ten hours of airtime per week to work with, due to the fact that it has no commanding say over the wishes of its affiliates like more powerful networks do. A Sunday block was attempted early in the network’s life, and did not do as well as syndicated content, so local channels demanded that time back — and got it. Ten is as much as The CW can get.

And because the schedule is now so packed with shows — including three new entries, Frequency, No Tomorrow and Riverdale — a lot of these time slots will now have to serve as timeshares. It’s a practice fans of The 100 have been familiar with since the beginning and fans of iZombie will have to deal with now. The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Rob Thomas’s awesome dramedy would not return until 2017.

In addition to iZombie and The 100, The Originals and Reign have also been put aside for now, as well as one of the new shows, Riverdale. That’s five programs that will be replacing five other programs next winter. No matter which show on The CW you’re a fan of, you’re going to have to brace for a shorter season. Unless that show is a superhero show — they seem to be untouchable.

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