"Refer A Friend" To Destiny And Get Exclusive Content

by on 11/23/2015

One of the oldest tricks in the salesman’s book is to get your customers to do the selling work for you by promising rewards if they succeed. Pyramid schemes rely on it, some religions spread by doing it, and now Destiny has joined the club with their “Refer-A-Friend” program that launches today.
All you have to do is convince someone who’s never played Destiny before to start playing it. It’s up to you how you want to make the pitch, but if you’re convincing enough and the friend joins you, they’ll be given the title “Referee” for the first seven days. Those who have played Destiny longer than a week are called “Veterans.” If a Veteran invites a Referee to join him in multiplayer, and the Referee accepts (this must be accomplished through the Bungie website), a quest will open up called “A Tale of Two Guardians.” This is the first quest of several, and they offer exclusive rewards like these:

  • three new elemental legendary swords called Infinite Edge
  • a legendary Sparrow, the EV-34 Vector Infinite
  • a pair of two-person emotes, Duo Dance and High Five
  • a blue and gray shader, Infinite Link
  • an emblem called Sign of the Infinite

In order to progress through Refer-A-Friend quests, the Veteran and the Referee must be playing in the same fireteam. More questions you might have can be answered in the Refer-A-Friend FAQ. It all starts today, so amateur salespeople, put on your best tie and start shilling!

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