Has Rick Become a Monster? (Poll)

by on 03/31/2014


In The Walking Dead episode 416 “A” Rick Grimes does some stuff. And thangs. Horrible stuff and unspeakable thangs.

The most horrible was probably this:

KzYGsVT 1 - Has Rick Become a Monster? (Poll)

But let’s be fair, it was in response to this, Carl’s impending rape:photo 57 380x217 - Has Rick Become a Monster? (Poll)

But he also spends much of the episode flashing back to the peaceful farming life that he tried to establish with Hershel Greene, before the Governor came along and screwed that all up by cutting Hershel’s head off.

photo 43 380x215 - Has Rick Become a Monster? (Poll)

So what do you think? Has Rick had to become a monster to survive? Has he gone so far now that’s there’s no way back for him? Are his hopes and dreams of peace as dead as old Joe there?

Gif by M4gikarp on Reddit

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